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Increased success will be gained through the complement of Fast Forward to ABE; motivated and focused adult learners will lead directly to this increased success. Please email or call us at 612.964.8675 for more information on the Fast Forward program.

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ABE (Adult Basic Education)
How does Fast Forward fit with ABE?

Fast Forward is an Align Strategies program designed to support the efforts of ABE. Clearly, Adult Basic Education is a vital and productive State program; we believe it can be maximized to its fullest by bringing the science of coaching into its fold.

"GED clients within the Minnesota Adult Basic Education system are in need of support, encouragement, and guidance as they attempt to achieve a worthy goal that has eluded them for a wide variety of reasons. It is my understanding and belief that a coaching approach to student motivation and perseverance would be beneficial to achieve important outcomes of regular classroom attendance and GED attainment. GED students typically have many distractions in their lives and a program that would link a student to a system of one-to-one personal guidance would undoubtedly be of significant value."


Dr. Barry Shaffer
MN State Director of Adult Education

The design of Fast Forward is such that we do not interfere with the core ABE program. In fact, there are many benefits to a complemental Fast Forward role.

  • We do not use any ABE or State resources
  • We do not interfere with the ABE process
  • No overhead, office space, or phone setup needed
  • Increase numbers of client retention and GED completion
  • Reporting, follow-up and measurement built into Fast Forward program
What is coaching?
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What is coaching?


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Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools that successful people use to live extraordinary lives.

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